Welcome to my Writing Portfolio.  

Writing is a process of discovery for me and every time I write, I discover a little more about the world, its people and myself.

I am an independent writer with a passion for research and an eye for detail. My expertise, built over the last 10 years, is in freelance features. I write on diverse aspects of culture - people, places, craft, music, books, cinema and food - and I usually find quirky, paradoxical, heartfelt or fascinating nuances to add to my articles.  

This portfolio blog contains a sample selection of my articles commissioned by Indian print publications like Arts Illustrated, Mint, Scroll.in, Good Food Magazine India, DNA, Deccan Herald, The Hindu, BLink (The Hindu Business Line), Harmony-Celebrate Age, Parent Circle, Man's World, Club Class, Madras Plus and Culturama (formerly At A Glance).

My most recent article is here If you require content on culture with a twist, do write to me at rao.saritha (at) gmail (dot) com 

Thanks for stopping by.